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Kylie's Genes

14 September 2014 - 9:01:43pm

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Emery, Jemima Jemima14 September 1846168Birth 
James, Louisa Louisa14 September 1914100Death 
Julge, Anna Bertha Elizabeth Anna Bertha Elizabeth14 September 1858156Birth 
McFie, Thomas Thomas14 September 1857157Birth 
Schutt, Amelia Augusta Amelia Augusta14 September 1883131Death 
Size, Michael Joseph Vincent Michael Joseph Vincent14 September 1857157Birth 
Sobels, Carl August Carl August14 September 1877137Birth 
Wigley, Ann Ann14 September 1763251Birth 
Wigley, Hannah Hannah14 September 1806208Birth 
Wigley, Joshua
Walker, Ann
Joshua14 September 1803211Marriage 
Wigley, Martha Martha14 September 1698316Birth 

Total events: 11
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