Willison Family Tree

Ewen Boyd + Ann Boyd

11 children
Duncan Boyd
Birth: May 1855 42 27Belmont, Geelong, Victoria, Australia
Death: Buried in Elmore cemeteryDecember 7, 1931St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
John Boyd
Birth: listed as unnamed male in bdm1858 45 29Jackass Flat, Sandhurst, Victoria, Australia
Death: Buried at Elmore CemeteryJuly 1911Elmore, Victoria, Australia
Alexander Alick Boyd
Birth: Reg. No. 220701860 47 31Sandhurst, Victoria, Australia
Death: Buried in Elmore Cemetery. Newspaper Citation: 1897 'SUICIDE AT WEST MELBOURNE.', The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), 2 March, p. 6. , viewed 12 Jan 2019, http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article9170497March 1, 1897East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Jean Boyd
Birth: 1862 49 33Sandhurst, Victoria, Australia
Death: March 30, 1945Shepparton, Victoria, Australia
Mary Boyd
Birth: Birth registered at Goornong?1864 51 35Elmore, Victoria, Australia
Death: Buried in Elmore cemeteryNovember 1942
Dougall Boyd
Birth: Birth registered at Bunnyneede. Sure this is meant to be Runnymede near Elmore, Victoria1866 53 37Elmore, Victoria, Australia
Death: Name spelt Dugald in bdm1871Victoria, Australia
Isabella Boyd
Birth: 1870 57 41Elmore, Victoria, Australia
Death: 5mths old1870Elmore, Victoria, Australia
Donald Boyd
Birth: 1871 58 42Elmore, Victoria, Australia
Death: 1938Shepparton, Victoria, Australia

Parents Grandparents

Ann Boyd
Birth: Boyd is Ann's maiden name, as far as I know they weren't relatedMarch 4, 1828 51 31Blaich, Kilmallie, Inverness, Scotland
Death: Buried in Elmore cemeteryJune 17, 1895Elmore, Victoria, Australia
Ewen Boyd
Birth: Copy of original birth register from Scotland's People on file.November 17, 1776 26 26Drumfern, Scotland
Death: December 7, 1872Blaich, Inverness, Scotland
Family group information
Marriage September 13, 1852