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Isaac LudlamAge: 52 years17651817

Isaac Ludlam
Birth 1765
MarriageFrances WheatcroftView this family
Witnesses: Elly Cooper and Charles Gerves
April 15, 1793 (Age 28 years)
Occupations listed as Farmer and Quarryman. (date is just so that it fits in the timeline)
June 8, 1817 (Age 52 years)
Sentenced to Death
1817 (Age 52 years)
Pentrich Revolution
Isaac was arrested and labelled as one of the Pentrich Three and executed for his part in the revolution along with Jeremiah Brandreth and William Turner.
June 9, 1817 (Age 52 years)
Executed by hanging.
November 7, 1817 (Age 52 years)
Family with Frances Wheatcroft - View this family
Isaac Ludlam
Birth: 1765Derbyshire, England
Death: Executed by hanging.November 7, 1817County Gaol, Derby, England
Frances Wheatcroft
Birth: 1773 29Ashover, Derbyshire, England
Death: Newspaper article on file, www.findmypast.com.au, viewed 20 Dec 2017.September 16, 1840Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England
Marriage: April 15, 1793South Wingfield, Derbyshire, England

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