Unitarian Church Marriages

Several years ago, we had the privilege of photographing parts of the marriage registers from the Unitarian Church of South Australia, lovingly preserved within the archives of the State Library of South Australia.

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List of marriages solemnized by John Crawford Woods – Minister

Arthur Rudolph Armbruster and Sarah Ruth Hall – married 1883

Lillia Annia Willesee Rains and Carl George Julius Eberhard Hupperden – married 1883

Frederick Basse and Anna Augusta Amalia Uhlmann – married 1883

Bertha Marie Armbruster and James Henry Reed – married 1882

Thomas McFie and Adelaide Blanche Chapman – married 1880

Ellen Box and Charles Chapman – married 1879

Alfred Chapman and Albertina Augusta Burkerdt – married 1879

Townsend Duryea and Catherine Elizabeth Friggens – married 1872

Heinrich Franz Rudolph Biering (Buring) and Maria Frederika Rubeni – married 1871

Marriages conducted by other UCC ministers

George Frederick Duval Hood and Ellie Alberta Wight – married 1907

Alfred William Abbott and Louisa Marie Lina Buring – married 1907

Hilda Clair Chapman and William Evans – married 1905

George Welsh Chapman and Elsie May Miller – married 1903

Kate Annie Wight and Carl Georg Wilhelm Schmelzkopf – married 1895

May Prior Wight and Frank Lawrence Stapleton – married 1894

Adelaide Matilda Ziegler and Fred Scriven Wight – married 1894

George Weller and Clara Louisa Chapman – married 1893

Emma Hermina Richards and John Frederick Martin Armbruster – married 1893

My family has been involved in the Unitarian church since the 1870s through the Chapman, Buring, Wight and Hardy families. If you’re also related to these families please get in touch via the contact form or our blog.